A new home & direction for Avena ‘Mind & Body’ 2

I am so excited, as this is my first ever official Avena ‘Mind & Body’ Blog posting. Posted on my completely revamped and redesigned website!

This summer, whilst receiving a fourth Shamanic Counselling treatment, I was guided, by my Shamanic Healing Teacher, to attend the annual Albion Faeries summer gathering, at Paddington Farm, near Glastonbury.

The Albion Faeries are a diverse, inclusive and progressive spiritual group, with who I have been involved with for over five years.

My experience of attending this event, was utterly transformative and greatly enhanced my life.  Firstly, it was a complete affirmation of the true essence of what the Faeries stand for and secondly it was love, kindness and authenticity in action.

I came away from the event with some very clear decisions on what I wanted to do in my life and where I wanted to go next.  It was not only time for a change, it was also time for a move and a complete reassessment of my work, how I promote it and what I want to focus on rebuilding.

At the end of the event, by pure chance, I met someone who, as the next few months unfolded, was about to become a very significant person in my life. That meeting was also going to influence where I was going to live.

Since the gathering in June, I continued to visit Glastonbury on an almost weekly basis, until the end of August, when I decided to move in with my new partner, who already lived in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury with all it’s new age trappings, is actually quite a grounded place to live. I have found it has inspired me to continue my ongoing and ever evolving life changes.

I have now decided that I want the area around Glastonbury to be my new home (my partner and I are currently looking for a place to buy near, but not in Glastonbury) and the base for my newly revamped business, which has already started to venture out into London.

On the back of the summer gathering, I decided to attend the Albion Faeries almost equinox gathering, again at Paddington Farm. This time, I plucked up the courage to run two Shamanic Journeying workshops, which were both successful and well attended.


Hagbard – Master of ceremony for a recent Medicine Wheel Ritual & Ceremony I orchestrated – Photo by Swallow

From there on, things have gone from strength to strength, with an invitation to the annual LoveSpirit Festival in London. Then more recently, as workshop leader for another Shamanic Journeying workshop held at the Albion Faeries autumn gathering as well as facilitator of a Medicine Wheel – Ritual & Ceremony that involved journeying to our Ancestors.

Prior to the LoveSpirit Festival I had decided it was time for Avena ‘Mind and Body’ to have a new, fresh look and website, which would include an interactive Blog that links to my social media sites, which I have never really got my head round. So imagine how excited I was when I discovered that my new partner is an whizz and expert on using social media.

I had hoped to have all of this up and running prior to the LoveSpirit Festival, but as is often the way, these things take way longer than you expect. Two months on and it’s all finally come together. It has been a massive learning curve for me, but has been well worth it, especially for the long-term regeneration of my business.

It is my intent to produce regular, weekly to fortnightly Blogs – distributed across several social media platforms – and a quarterly news letter, which will include up to date information about Avena ‘Mind & Body’ courses, workshops and treatments. It will also contain themed articles relating to mind, body, spirit matters. To sign up for the Avena ‘Mind & Body’ Quarterly Newsletter, follow this link Newsletter Subscription and scroll down to the Newsletter registration box. To follow my Blog, either bookmark my Blog page, like my Facebook page, or like my Twitter account.

My aim, or ‘Mission Statement’, is to produce articles that are factually authentic, with plenty of additional reading links that are user friendly and demystify some of the mystic (which can disempower the reader) behind mind, body, spirit issues.

The above stance comes from my own frustration, whilst trying to research mind, body, spirit topics. I get annoyed, when I read articles that come from such a heady space that it is almost impossible to understand what is being said and written about.

It is my personal belief that all of us deserve to have ‘user-friendly’ access to mind, body, spirit information and articles, which are written without it feeling like you need a degree in bullshit to understand them, or that you have to be a member of some exclusive club, before you are permitted to access the information.

Love, light and laughter to all of you all,

Hagbard xxx


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