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Shamanic Counselling – Extraction & Healing – Soul Retrieval – Psychopomping

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Thai Massage not only leaves you feeling relaxed, centred and energised, it also promotes good health, improves posture, increases joint flexibility and realigns your body. No other form of massage has such a profound and long-lasting effect.

Touch is a great healer! Learning Traditional Thai Massage gives you a practical skill, which you can use on your partner, friends, family, or as a new profession.

Shamanic Counselling allows you direct contact with your spirit helper, who will answer your questions with compassion, insight and wisdom.

Shamanic Extraction & Healing restores balance, removes intrusions and promotes health and well-being.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval is excellent for, people experiencing detachment, or the feeling that something is missing in their life.

Shamanic Psychopomping is used by a Shaman, when there is the need to work with the spirits of the dead.

Learning how to Shamanic Journey allows you direct access to the spirit world. There you will discover your ‘Power Animal’ and Spirit-Teacher, who are able to offer you support, guidance and wisdom.

All treatments are offered with Metta – love and kindness, through an open heart. Each treatment focuses on, addressing your ailments, issues and needs. Each course teaches you practical, hands on skills.  All treatments, courses and workshops are provided by Hagbard.

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