Shamanic Journeying Course

Hagbard - Shamanic Drumming for the winter Solstice at Glastonbury Tor 2015

Shamanic Journeying Course

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man. Shamans believe that everything has a spirit. A Shaman mediates between the visible world of form and matter and the invisible worlds of energy and spirits. The Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner’s job is to help restore and maintain balance. You do not need to believe in spirits or Shamanism to receive a Shamanic treatment.

Why learn how to Shamanic Journey?

Learning how to Shamanic Journey allows you direct access to the Spirit World, where you will meet your Power Animal and Spirit-Teachers, who is able to offer you advice, information, guidance, wisdom and support, whenever you need it.

One of the training rooms I use for the Shamanic Journey Course

One of the training rooms I use for the Shamanic Journey courses

What will I get from attending the Shamanic Journeying course?

You will learn about Core Shamanism’ and experience Shamanic Journeying, which is a fundamental aspect of Shamanism.  You will do six journeys that include meeting your Power Animal, your Spirit-Teacher, a Spirit of nature and journeys to discover the three Shamanic worlds.

One of the venues I use for Land-spirit Shamanic Courses

One of the venues I use for Land-Spirit Shamanic courses

 Shamanic Journeying Course Information

All course and workshops are facilitated and taught by Hagbard. All Avena ‘Mind & Body’ – Treatments – Courses – Workshops – are offered with Metta – love and kindness, through an open heart.

This course runs over one weekend on a Saturday & Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Each course is limited to 10 places

2017 Shamanic Journey Course Dates & Fees

September – 0th – 0th – 2017
London Course Fee: £190

October – 14th – 15th – 2017
Glastonbury Course Fee: £170

To register for any of the courses
call me on: 07968 178 192
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A £60 deposit is required for all courses.
You can see my full terms and conditions on this page

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