Thai Massage

What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is an ancient, energy balancing, healing art. It was first discovered in India, by Dr Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. He brought it to Thailand and developed it further. It has now been practiced in Thailand, for thousands of years.  It combines stimulating acupressure points, along the ten sen energy lines, with applying gentle stretches to the body.  It offers you an entire body, energy balancing treatment, which also improves your posture and flexibility. When the body if free of blocked energy, it is able to do its own natural job of self-healing.

Hagbard – standing in front of the statue of Dr Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, who discovered and developed Thai Massage

Hagbard – applying pressure to one of the energy lines, in the upper leg.


What can I expect and how will I feel after a treatment?

During a Thai Massage treatment, you lie fully clothed, on a mat on the floor.  No oil is used! The Thai masseur uses his/her thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and feet, to apply pressure to the 10 Sen energy lines, which run throughout the body.  This is combined with gentle applied stretches.

Hagbard – applying a gentle, spinal twist.

Hagbard – applying a gentle, forward bend.


After a treatment, most people feel the benefits of a Thai Massage, straight away. They feel relaxed, centred, enlivened and energised. For some people, it take a day or so, before they feel the full benefits. This is because, blocked energy, is still clearing from their body. After that, they to will feel enlivened, centred, energised and more alined and flexible. Some of my clients have even said, “lighter”, as their mobility has greatly improved.

Click to see some of my client’s reviews. After a Thai Massage, the wonderful feeling you get, can be quite profound! This is due to energy, freely flowing through your body again. The feeling, often lasts several weeks! Read my passion for Thai Massage Blog, for more details of, the effects of different styles of Thai Massage.

Hagbard – releasing neck and shoulder tension.

Hagbard – releasing tension in the shoulder and scapular.


What are the benefits of Thai Massage and what can it treat?

Through clearing and releasing blocked energy, Thai Massage restores balance and harmony to the body and mind. Thus promoting physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  It also promotes, greater flexibility, better body alignment, improved posture, increased functioning of internal organs, better blood circulation and detoxification. Thai Massage is also good for, neck, back & shoulder pain, knee & other joint pain, forms of paralysis, releasing trapped nerves:- including sciatic, headaches and pre menstrual tension, to mention a few…!


Hagbard – gently stretching the back and releasing shoulder tension.

Hagbard – gently stretching the back and releasing shoulder tension.


Thai Massage Treatment Information

All treatments are by appointment only and provided by Hagbard. All Avena ‘Mind & Body’ – Treatments – Courses – Workshops – are offered with Metta – love and kindness, through an open heart.

Treatment Times

Monday – Friday 11:00am – 7:00pm
Occasionally I can offer a treatment outside the above times and over a weekend

Treatment Fees & Duration

Thai MassageDiscount Offer BlogJune/July 2018

A complete Energy Line & Stretches treatment cost: £80 and lasts 2 hours

A partial Energy Line & Stretches treatment cost: £65 and lasts 90 minutes

An Energy Line treatment cost: £50 and lasts 1 hour

 How to Book – Deposit – Terms & Conditions

To book a treatment
call me on: 07968 178 192
or E-mail:
or use my contact me form

A £20 deposit is required for all treatments
You can see my full terms and conditions on this page

Treatment Recommendations & Obligations

It is advisable to shower, remove all makeup, perfume, aftershave, before coming for a Thai Massage treatment.

 It is your duty to inform me of any of the following: any medical conditions, use of medication, skin allergies/reactions, if you have high blood pressure, have a pacemaker, wear contact lenses, you are menstruating, you are pregnant or think you might be.

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