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Testimonials & Reviews

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Below, are testimonials from clients I have worked with, over the last twenty five years, in the UK, Europe and Asia.  I have used their initials, to maintain confidentiality.

Thai Yoga Massage – L B from Mossley
This is massage like I’ve never experienced before.  It’s like having a really good yoga session that leaves you feeling energised and stretched in places you didn’t know needed stretching.  It left me feeling relaxed and de-stressed.  Hagbard’s got an amazing way of confidently coaxing your body into new unexpected positions that can be quite surprising at times.  However, when you get used to it and allow your body to go with the flow it’s great. I’d thoroughly recommend it.

Shamanic Extraction & Healing – C H from Mossley
“I came to the session not feeling 100% and slightly down.  I found the treatment peaceful and very spiritual.  I felt well-loved and looked after during the treatment.  During the treatment I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body.  Being given my power animal feels fantastic as I feel that I’m always protected and never alone.  I was left feeling really great and at peace with myself.  I did enjoy that it felt really great”.

Shamanic Course run in France – M A C from California
“I am touched by the simple and deep space you hold for all of us – and your ability to inquire and keep looking to unfold another level of mystery”

Shamanic Course run in France – A S from Israel
You were the one to say – the meaning of the journey to find the animal is yours, you know what the meaning is.  I want to tell you THANK YOU.

Massage Course – F B from Manchester
“My partner and friends love the massages I have been giving them.  I’m now trying to encourage my partner to do the course as well.  I regularly use the self-relaxation things you taught us.”

Thai Massage – FAQ’s

Q: How does Thai Yoga Massage work and what are its benefits?

A: It works through releasing blocked energy in the body.  When energy flows freely the body is able to heal naturally. Balance, harmony and well-being can then be maintained.

Q: How does Thai Yoga Massage differ to other forms of massage?

A: It is a fully clothed form of massage – the recipient wears loose clothing – that does not use oil.  The centering and energising after effects last for weeks, once the unblocked energy starts to flow again.  The gentle stretches and applied Asanas – Yoga Postures, improve flexibility and posture.

Q: Is Thai Yoga Massage good for dealing with tiredness and lethargy?

A: It is particularly good for treating this, along with good amounts of sleep, as it clears blocked energy in the 10 sip sen energy lines that run throughout the body.  Once the energy starts to flow again you will be energised and enlivened again.

Q: Are there any conditions that would stop me from having a Thai Yoga Massage?

A: There are certain moves that are left out of a Thai Yoga Massage treatment:- if you have a heart condition, experience high blood pressure, are menstruating or are pregnant.  The masseur will ask you a set of questions prior to a treatment.

Shamanism – FAQ’s

Q: What is a ‘Shamanic Journey’ and what does it feel like?

A: ‘Shamanic journeying’ involves entering a relaxed trance-like state, which enables you to enter ‘non-ordinary reality’, which is where your Power Animal and Spirit-Helperers live.  The state we enter when we daydream is the best way to describe what Shamanic Journeying feels like.

Q: Is Shamanism a religion?

A: Shamanism is not a religion.  It is the oldest form of spiritual practice known to man and has been used by different cultures, across the planet, for up to 50,000 years.

Q: Do we all have Power Animal Spirit-Helpers?

A: Yes, we all have a Power Animal  and other Ppirit-Helpers and Teachers.  Children can be very aware of their Power Animal and Spirit-Helper, whilst most adults lose that awareness.  Through learning how to Shamanic Journey, you can reconnect with your Power Animal and Spirit-Helpers.

Q: Are Shamanic Power Animal Spirit-Helpers ghosts?

A: They are not ghosts.  Shamans believe that everything has a spirit, not just humans and animals. Shamans mainly work with animal Spirit-Helpers – know as Power Animals.

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