Hello world! The Avena ‘Mind & Body’ blog mission statement

It is my intent to produce regular, Blogs – distributed across several social media platforms – and an occasional e-mail news letter, which will include up to date information about Avena ‘Mind & Body’ courses, workshops and treatments.  It will also contain themed articles relating to mind, body, spirit matters. To sign up for the Avena ‘Mind & Body’ Newsletter, follow this link Newsletter Subscription and scroll down to the Newsletter registration box. To follow my Blog, either bookmark my Blog page, like my Facebook page, or like my Twitter account.

My aim, or ‘Mission Statement’, is to produce articles that are factually authentic, with plenty of additional reading links that are user friendly and demystify some of the mystic (which can disempower the reader) behind mind, body, spirit issues.

The above stance comes from my own frustration, whilst trying to research mind, body, spirit topics. I get annoyed, when I read articles that come from such a heady space that it is almost impossible to understand what is being said and written about.

It is my personal belief that all of us deserve to have ‘user-friendly’ access to mind, body, spirit information and articles, which are written without it feeling like you need a degree in bullshit to understand them, or that you have to be a member of some exclusive club, before you are permitted to access the information.

Love, light and laughter to all of you all,

Hagbard xxx